Playing great slot game was never easier. Just download game for free from Apple AppStore or Google Play. After you launch it, you can choose either registration via Facebook or writing your nickname and play immediately.

Once you set your eyes on game’s main menu, you are only two taps from your first SPIN. Just click on Play button under first slot machine and you are in. First slot machine is based on Aztec culture but as you level-up your account you will unlock many more gorgeous machines with outstanding design and new gameplay mechanics.


Every slot machine has preset PAYLINES. Most simple PAYLINE is straight line of three identical symbols but there are many more – diagonal, zig-zag and others. Every PAYLINE starts on the left column of symbols so it is impossible to have PAYLINE from second or further column even when it would otherwise fit in shape of correct PAYLINES.

  • 3-symbol PAYLINES are basic
  • 4-symbol PAYLINES pay twice as much as basic ones
  • 5-symbol PAYLINES pay four times more than basic ones

Every SPIN deducts BET from your coin account. You can choose how big BET you want but there is max limit dependent on achieved level. In case you hit some PAYLINE your BET is multiplied by its value. Multiplier depends on lenght of PAYLINE and value of symbol.


We know that simple PAYLINES would never make players happy so there are many more features. These features considerably improve fun be it MYSTERY, BONUS GAME or MEGA WIN.

This mysterious symbols hold much power (and coins for you). If any SPIN results in 3 or more of these symbols (even outside correct PAYLINE) on screen, you win (almost) random amount of coins. More mystery symbols mean more coins for you.

These symbols are even more enigmatic than MYSTERIES. They can act as any symbol in securing PAYLINES and they can even infect other symbols with they WILD nature on some slot machines.

Same rules as for MYSTERY apply for BONUS GAME. Winning combination of at least 3 BONUS GAME symbols starts minigame where you can win a lot of coins without additional BETS. Every slot machine has different BONUS GAME, either by gameplay or by graphical theme.

Ultimate opportunity to win pile of coins. To gain MEGA WIN bonus you must gather required ammount of certain source without exiting slot machine. Most slot machines that contain MEGA WIN bonus require you to fill five slots with certain items hiding among other symbols. Gaining MEGA WIN bonus can take a lot of time because it is rare to have all five item slots occupied.

Once in a while you will be witness to strange phenomenon when all fields contain identical symbol. All PAYLINES will give you double ammount of coins!

Some SPINS can be very successfull as they multiply your BET more than expected. We call it BIG WIN and if you gain BIG WIN you can share it with your friends on Facebook to get even more coins.


Royal Slots Journey is perfect slot machine game for collectors as it features quest system. Each QUEST requires you to collect predefined ammount of symbols to complete it. After you complete such QUEST you gain coins and warm feeling from completing difficult task.

On the other hand TOURNAMENTS are more dynamic kind of fun. They unlock on level 20 and every TOURNAMENT has some prerequisites for players wishing to enter competition. But if you succeed, huge reward will be waiting for you.